Big 2 weeks in the studio

Hey Chasers!

So we have just spent two really great (but tiring) weeks in the studio with producer extraordinaire Matt D'Arcy. We recorded 5 tracks and they just sound mint!

We started by laying down my drum tracks. Matt got a great sound out of my kit- I was totally stoked. Drum tracks went down pretty easy and they were done all on day one, which, allowing for set-up of kit/mics/sound etc is a mighty effort :)

Next day we laid down some guide bass tracks. As you may be aware, Derek is no longer with CA so we had super Darryl step up and lay down some grooves. Awesome effort by Daz saw that all wrapped up by lunchtime. So I celebrated with a double Whopper- add cheese, add egg, add bacon!!!

Next couple of days were spent putting down guitar tracks, and let me just say, Daz is a MONSTER! He absolutely nailed his parts and did it with a wall of yummy yummy sound that had Jamie and I actually giggling with excitement! Great job Daz man!!

Then after that, J came in and smashed out the main vocals... He makes me sick- it's just so easy for him! He really stepped up with this one though.

Enter Paul Cooper... Mr Keys we like to call him. He came in a laid down some sweet keys that really took what we had done so far to a whole new level. Thanks heap to Mr Keys.

Matt then took all this creative juice mix and put it in his blender of hugeness...the result?

Welllllllll we like it (a LOT) but you are just going to have to wait a little bit ;)

We have yet to decide when we are going to release these guys, but we will be keeping you in the loop (as always).

Thanks for your support Chasers and I hope to see you at a CA gig soon!

#ChasingAlice #Studio #RecordingStudio

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